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Exploring the universe

Part of the fun of writing science fiction is imagining what other life forms might look like, how and why they may have evolved that way, and what impact space travel would have on humans. Homo Sapiens Sapiens has evolved to suit the conditions of our environment on this particular planet. We breath an atmosphere that is mostly Nitrogen, with around 20% Oxygen. We can't survive in an atmosphere where the Oxygen level is below around 12%, and if it goes much higher than around 23% we're in trouble as well. We've evolved to deal with the gravitational force exerted on our bodies by the Earth, and a lot of our physiognomy depends on our being in an environment where "up" is away from the direction of gravitational attraction. Our metabolism requires a certain amount of exposure to sunlight daily, we need water (60 to 80% of our bodies is water) to survive and we are adapted to a fairly narrow range of temperatures in which we can survive and live.

Harry Heron: Into the Unknown now in Audiobooks

It really is a great pleasure to announce that Harry Heron: Into the Unknown is now released as an Audiobook by Findaway Voices. It is now onsale through Amazon's Audible, Apple and many more. Lee Beddow of Abbeysound did the narration and recording, and it has turned into a stunner. Click on the image below for a sample ...

Great News

The Audiobook version of Harry Heron: Into the Unknown is now complete. It is being distributed by Findaway Voices, and will be available from some twenty-four different outlets including Audible, Apple, AudiobooksNZ, Beek, Chirp and many more. I will endeavor to post links to them as an when they go 'live'.

Some Serious Rebuilding Underway

I'm doing some serious rebuilding of this website at present, so I hope you will bear with me if things don't work quite as smoothly as they should. Part of the process is to reorient this website so that it is entirely focused on the Harry Heron Series. To this end I have set up a separate site as Saints, Sinners and Survivors to showcase my other books, which are not in the genre of Science Fiction. Do take a look, and let me know what you think of the new layout and look.

Work in Progress ...

Working on getting my websites sorted out reminds me how little I know about programming, marketing, and the clever things like key words, search engines, etc., etc. The general idea is to have two, one for my Harry Heron Adventure Series (this one) and the other for my books that are set in historical or contemporary settings. So, after a lot of running into odd little tricks and problems, I think I now have a reasonably presentable website set up titled Saints, Sinners and Survivors.

Life versus Art

There are definitely times I think I should demand that politicians "cease and desist" trying to turn some of my villains and plotlines into reality. Recent weeks have provided plenty of instances in which I have had the feeling either I'm not being imaginative enough, or someone is borrowing my ideas. I suspect George Orwell would have a similar feeling about some of the latest twists and turns in political development. I guess it could be flattering ...

"Live Editing"

Is the term I used to describe a process used by unscrupulous televised "live" broadcasts in which the producers edit the panelists words during the broadcast so that the speaker appears to be saying something damning or damaging to their presentation. At the time I started drafting the book, this wasn't possible, and to a limited extent it still isn't. However, as a recent video that went viral on certain social media sites have shown, any video can now be 'doctored' by someone with the right skills, to present a completely false picture of any personality and situation.

Tempus Fugit!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun ... April sort of vanished in a welter of other demands (like Easter ...) and a week in the UK visiting family, and now half of May is gone as well. So what have I been doing? Actually quite a lot, and it has meant neglecting things like blogging. Looking back though I am astonished at just how much time has elapsed since I first set out to write a SciFi story based on the concept of someone from the 18th Century flung forward in time. That was the original concept behind Harry Heron, and its taken on a life of its own.

Keeping up with events

The old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" seems to have landed on us all at the moment. Since my last post here in February, the world seems to have done several backflips, a somersault or two, and lord alone knows what its doing in the political sphere at the moment. In all of this I've been busy trying to get a couple of stories written. Now that, you might think, is simple. Produce an outline and synopsis, and then knuckle down and write!

Life imitates art?

Around fourteen years ago I began developing my ideas for the Harry Heron adventures. The idea arouse out of my reading an article which suggested that with our modern lifestyles, we were rapidly losing old skills, some of them key to survival should we find ourselves deprived of some of our modern 'conveniences'. That started me wondering what would happen if someone from the past was projected into the future. Okay, there would be a huge knowledge gap, and there'd be other problems for the character as well, but the key question is what would he or she bring to the future that might have been lost, or perhaps was simply no longer the way people responded?

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